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"Strange Love Much?"

A Community for the Jazz/Jake Lover in All of Us

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This community is dedicated to the relationship between Jasper Hale (or Jasper Whitlock, we're not picky!) and Jacob Black; otherwise known as Jazz and Jake respectively. Please follow the rules listed below and if you'd like to affiliate with us (or have any questions not addressed in the rules), than please drop your lovely mod a line!

Your moderator is twilightscribe.

rules & affiliates

Because this is completely necessary, here are the rules for the community:

o1. Everything posted here has to, in some way, be related to either Jasper or Jacob; whether this is in a romantic sense or one of friendship or in regard to each character. Please no posting links to fanfiction or art related to any other pairing regarding these two; there are other communities for those ships and they'd be much more appreciated there.

o2. No pairing wars or flaming; respect here people!

o3. If what you are posting has material that is over the rating of r, please make sure that it's clearly marked as such with all the proper warnings. As well, mark your work with all proper warnings for the contents; but don't worry about the slash, we already know about that. And as well, place everything that is longer then a simple author's note and brief description of the post behind an lj-cut to avoid cluttering of the comm as well as huge blocks of text.

o4. Please try keeping advertising to a minimum. No advertising communities which involve another pairing – but if you want to affiliate, we're all for it!

o5. Please don't post discussion posts here that are related to the general Twilight fandom, there are other communities for that, and this isn't one of them. Keep the discussion of the series to a minimum; but character discussions related to either Jake or Jazz will be tolerated as long as nothing gets out of hand.

o6. Have fun!

AFFILIATE ; jwbpex | twilight_slash | jaspeth | marcus_seth |
twislash_100 | violetsins

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