The Twilight Big Bang 2011

Guess what? It's that time of year again; time to kick off The Twilight Big Bang! *pauses for applause* We're excited to start a new big bang and see what the fandom and it's fans have to offer in fanfiction, fanart, graphics, videos, fanmixes and a wide array of other fanworks!

Even if you don't feel up to producing something for the big bang, you can still sign-up to be a beta or a cheerleader. The possibilities of how to participate are endless! Sign-ups start on May 20th and run through until May 30th, so join or watch twilightbigbang to keep track of community updates. Don't forget to spread the word! Tell your friends, fans, readers and writers!

Helping a Friend (Foreclosure Fandom Auction)

This is me helping out a friend who's run on hard times in life. I have no money, but I have a talent to share. If you're a fan of mine and have some extra cash laying around, make a bid! If you write and want to donate your skill, leave a comment at the post explaining what you're willing to give. Remember that every cent helps! All proceeds go to needtakehave in order to secure her and her family's move to a new home so they don't end up on the streets. We're a fandom of friends that support each other, right? Let's show it! Click on the banner for details/my offer.

Twilight: Last Author Standing

Do You Like To Write?

Like to write? Love Twilight? Great! There is a new challenge, called twilight_las, where you write a fanfic of at least 100 words every two weeks based on a different prompt and where all pairings, including slash, is allowed! Then they get voted on and the person with the least votes is out that week and the person with the most is safe the next week till you have one author standing who wins! What do you win? A snazzy graphic and a $10 GC to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. You don't even need to be a GREAT writer!

..who will come out on top?

fic. The Poet and the Pendulum

Notes: Whoa! I finally got here? Well yes, this is the end of our fabulous journey through my fic The Poet and the Pendulum. I hope you enjoy this last installment and thank you all for reading and staying with me for this long!
Part: Final Interlude [ find your way home
Pairing: Jasper/Jacob
Rating: pg13
Words: 4618 words
Disclaimer: The Twilight series and its characters belong to Stephanie Meyer, who I am definitely not. This means that I don't own the characters or anything but the strange circumstances that I slap them into. I'll put them back once I'm done with them, promise. Anything unfamiliar you see is mine.

[ 'As much as I was grateful to have Carlisle around, sometimes he did nothing but add onto my unnecessarily large pile of fears.' ]

fanmix [ The Poet and the Pendulum ]

medium. books / fanfiction
fandom. twilight series
subject. jasper/jacob / / the poet and the pendulum
title. the poet and the pendulum
notes/disclaimer. the possibly long awaited soundtrack to my fic, the poet and the pendulum; it's okay to post this now because the last part should be posted tomorrow, provided that nothing interferes in that plan too badly.

[ tracklisting & download ]
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